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This site is intended to be a resource to people that are using the YUI framework. There are several examples and demos that have been posted to the YUI message board that may have been some help to people that couldn't quite make the jump from the Yahoo documentation and/or examples to the final solutions they were after. The Yahoo documentation is great, and the framework is even better (and getting better yet all the time). But sometimes it is difficult to see how to "put everything all together" or to do something above and beyond the examples that are available. So I am putting together this additional resource to help where I can.

What You Can Find Here

YUI's Eric M. asked me to add the demo(s) I have been sharing with the message board and a "writeup" to go along with them. Here you will find a few demos and tutorials (and more in the future) that may be of help if you are developing YUI-based web applications. Some of this information may also be found on the YUI message boards and/or blogs.

Can I Borrow That?

Everything here is intended for you to see, use and learn from. I hope it helps. Any files this site uses (including through links/includes) is there for you to use. Feel free to use any of the file contents to help you.

That's Really Nice...

As a productive member of the community, Levyco Development, LLC is happy to contribute. That's what makes the open source development model so incredible. You don't just have to blindly depend on a single company to satisfy your needs! You may find a solution, or help from, Yahoo, or Levyco Development, or any other of the many, many community members. So we're not being nice really, we feel we get more from the community than we put in! In theory, everyone gets more out than they put in, and that's a really cool feeling. Wow.

Have fun, share and enjoy,

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